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for any of u who arent very involved in my life and dont know why i… - im so glad to have known someone it was so hard to say goodbye to
April 29th, 2005
08:48 pm


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Date:May 2nd, 2005 05:37 pm (UTC)
Hey Alicia...I'm not a dick, am I? Well I may have been, but whatever. I mostly came on her to say to the black girls that they need to fuck off. Seriously...learn to fucking spell you apes. You have a fucking 2nd grade education. Stop wasting my air, just die. What is worse about you being impeccably gay (Betcha don't know what that word means), Is that you are too scared to leave your fucking name next your threat. Don't be a dyke, and pull the stick out of your vagina. Leave Alie alone. Allie, your a great girl, don't be so sad all the time, high school sucks, but you live about mm....60-80 years after it? Don't fret.

- Flux (The Band Man)
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