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craziness!! - im so glad to have known someone it was so hard to say goodbye to
May 4th, 2005
12:07 pm


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well i am sitting in spanish right now, all done with my cinco de mayo project, listening to slightly stoopid~the rock my sox! hehe stoner music.... life is so crazy i went home at 10pm last night after being at school all day, didnt finish any of my homework, yeah that is the way to live lol. we have a paying audience TOMMORROW night and we havent run through the whole thing yet, yeah we will be ready all right... we have so many make-up changes and costume changes, i dont know how we are going to do it.
but anyways enough about the show, i am surprisingly getting a better report card this six weeks, so i think my mom will finally let me get my learners permit, that would make me so happy! i love driving, it makes me happy, like i am in control and have more responsibility and trust. so invigorating.
i dont understand guys, they want you to "hook up" with them or whatever, but of course the girl wants a relationship, and the guy would probably get so much more "ass" if he just put in the extra effort and went out with the girl. ARGH it just agrivates me and makes me think that all guys are ass holes and really dont care about anyone but themselves... that is why i have decided to become a lesbian. ha just kidding! but for real, guys are dogs.... lol
i kinda like not having to depend on a guy to make me happy or call me everynight and talk to me and tell me i am pretty or whatever. it is so superficial and all girls do it for is to make themselves feel better. love is suppose to be a self-less act, and what girls are doing now is not self-less it is self-ish. and i frankly dont want a part in it.
im in a really weird mood right now, i want to go and cause trouble or do something that potentially get me in trouble... is that a bad thing? i just want to do something spontaneous and crazy. virginia bores me. i love it, but it bores me. there is really nothing to do but drink or do drugs or "hook up". EVERYONE does one of the three things, or all of the three ALL the time. it kinda makes me laugh because back in LA there were the "drugies" or the "drinkers' or the "straight edgers" but here everyone is just bad. lol

i need to get a job, i feel like a bum....

holy shit, im getting bitched at by the substitute... *mUaH*

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Date:May 4th, 2005 08:51 pm (UTC)
hehe what do i count as?? i don't count as anything cuz i'm from Long Island!! tehehe we're like imports, Alicia, from far away lands where they get better everything. i heart you!!
Date:May 4th, 2005 09:51 pm (UTC)


dont knock it till youve tried it, man. the only reason virginia seem so corrupt is because they are all just bored hicks, or kids of them, at any rate. if you dont need it to live and be happy, by all means, dont do it. i hope you never get pressured into anything you end up regretting. anyways, stay out of trouble.
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